me and my cousin out in memphis tennessee i cranked up the heat

WELCOME TO AUTISTICLYCOMPITENT! a journey from where i was in life to where i am now detailing my struggles with autism and the hardship i wen't through fullfilling a promise made in 6th grade that would change me forever.

 about me

brief summery of my disabilities

   my family

i have struggled with multiple mental illnesses over the years including autism-asbergers, bipolar-mood disorder and anxiety . as of 3/1/17 ive been diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy witch is connected to mental illness and can cause depression and i was on medication that treats depression but stopped after 5 kidney stones. after stopping that's when we noticed i had seizures. after a MRI the neurologist said he wouldn't be suprised of several thousand nocturnal seizures in my life time. 
matthew lindemann born 1993 twin cities,MN,USA.
i love my family, my mother is a career nicu nurse who is very well respected in her feild. and my father has held several executive positions for small sized companies  and has recently"2014" decided to start his own company to persue "the american dream". my younger brother is 2 years younger and is very smart and currently persueing actuarial sciences. my oldest brother has a wife and 3 kids who are incredably adorable theres a packer viking rivalry that deeply devides the family on game days. my grand paren'ts on my fathers side are closing in on 60 years of marriage. my grandma is very sweet humble i call her the gospel and she bakes a fluffy spongy lemon poppyseed bread that is to die for. my grandpa is very informative about his early days loves to tell me about his life and those spider filled out houses! on my mother's side grandma bonnie loves to play the harp for bed ridden people and she loves her dogs who have sadly recently passed away. my moms husbands family is very family driven and wonderful to do things with.  izaiah my brothers eldest child has autism similar 
to mine more of an asbergers scenario and will be very repetative
on very specific idea's of specific interests to him. he is very obsessed over the titanic. he has built some crazy lego titanics.
i have been trying to educate him on finance topics to no avail.